5 Tips For Using a Circular Saw

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H
5 Tips For Using a Circular Saw

5 tips for using a circular saw

When finishing your cut, allow the saw to stop while it’s in the material before pulling it out. This will maintain the smoothness of your cut and ensure no damage is done when removing the blade.

This is a bit of an obvious one, but always make sure you have the right blade for the tool and job. With a circular saw, a 180mm blade should be fine but check before purchasing your blade.

Due to the direction that diamond blades cut, you should have the best side of your material at the bottom. If you cut from underneath the good side of the material then you’ll get a better finish.

Clamp down the material you’re cutting. If the material that you are cutting is loose then you’re prone to kickback, which can be very dangerous.

If you’re cutting vertically, always start at the top. This will allow gravity to give you a helping hand and you’ll get a straighter cut.

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