Alternative Methods to Reduce Dust

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H
Alternative Methods to Reduce Dust

Alternative ways to prevent dust

Dust can be a major problem when working with Diamond Tools, not only because it can reduce your vision and get in your eyes and mouth, but because it can create one hell of a cleaning task after, especially when working inside. If you’re working inside and dust is created, it will be all over the floor and can even spread through doors. If the work is carried out inside an unfurnished house where there are no doorways, then the Duro Dust Defender might be the thing for you.

The Duro DP-DUST sealed dust barrier is a product manufactured by Duro with the purpose of blocking dust from accessing certain areas. It’s designed for doors, and it features a zip up hatch for ease of access. The dust barrier is easily sealed to the frame of the door. This blocks any dust from getting through the door, which reduces the cleaning job after you’ve done with your cutting. This is exceptionally useful when working over a few days as you wouldn’t have to move the dust barrier until you’ve finished. What’s great is that after, you can reuse the dust barrier and it can also be cut to size if your door is slightly smaller or larger than the 1.1m x 2.1m dust defender.

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