Blades For Class a Engineering Bricks

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H
Blades For Class a Engineering Bricks

What blades will cut Class A Engineering Bricks?

First of all; what are class A engineering bricks? Class A engineering bricks are incredibly strong bricks. They have incredible strength, and are highly resistant to water and acid porosity. These types of bricks are used for damp prevention. These types of bricks are also known as blue brick. So, now you know the exact material you’re going to be cutting, what blades can be used to cut it?

The Duro DUHB – The Duro DUHB is classed as an Ultra blade by Duro, which means it uses the strongest diamonds in the most optimised layout for an extremely clean, fast and efficient cut. This blade is available in 350mm and 450mm so it can fit a wider range of saws. The gullets on this blade are extremely narrow, which prevents damage to the surface of the brick. The life span on this blade is incredibly long, and you will get a lot of use out of this blade before it even starts to wear. The blade is to be used in wet conditions as there is no ventilation on the blade. The Bore size of this blade is 25.4mm on both the 350mm blade and the 450mm blade.

The Duro DUSCM – The Duro DUSCM features a 30-degree gullet design which allows the debris of your cut to clear faster, and also adds to the pre-existing immense life span. The blade is also part of the Ultra range by Duro, which means it is constructed using the best of the best Diamonds in an SDT diamond spacing layout. The height of each segment on this blade is 17mm. The DUSCM can be used in both dry and wet conditions; however, wet conditions are always advised. There is ventilation on this blade, but that’s only for the 230mm blade. This blade is available in a large range of sizes including: 230mm, 300mm and 350mm. The Bore size of this blade varies depending on the size. The 230mm has a Bore size of 22.2mm, 300mm has a bore size of 20.0mm and the 350mm has a bore size of either 20.0mm or 25.4mm. All sized DUSCM blades feature core protection.

The Duro DPCM-T – The Duro DPCM-T features a turbo rim blade with a significant number of cooling holes to reduce the heat and increase the amount of time you can cut for. There are no individual segments; however, this blade has one segment with a height of 10mm. This increases the speed of the cut, hence the T in the name which stands for Turbo. This blade is available in sizes 115mm, 125mm, 230mm, 300mm and 350mm which means it can be used for a wide range of tools. The bore size for blades between 115mm and 230mm is 22.2mm, and the bore size for blades between 300mm and 350mm are 20.0mm.

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